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1. Truth. Like your weekend? Or whatever days off you enjoy? Thank labour.

2. Nicely done. Piggly Wiggly would have required the gov’t which they hate to tell them to remove it.

3. Still angry.

4. NICE.

5. A bit unfair.  Mildly funny but misses the good that has come from the Red states.

6. How the Senate works.

7. Walker…enough already.  The voters gave you the rest of your term.  Thanks for pissing it away.

8. Oh and thanks for getting all up in our vaginas.  Number of jobs created:  I’m guessing about 10.

9. This really gets me about the McCains of the world.  And in 2001, lots of the Repubs who argue against this now were waving flags (as late as 2006 in this area) and praising the government’s efforts.  Make. Up. Your. Mind.  If these activities helped GW keep us safe, they HELP KEEP US SAFE.  (And to reiterate: I think the NSA has overstepped here.)

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